Anyone can file a complaint for breach of ethics of the publication to the editorial board of the journal. The person filing the complaint must provide supporting elements. Any complaint is to be taken seriously by the editorial board and must be treated until conclusion. Any complaint will be handled, no matter its date of publication. The supporting elements submitted as part of a complaint must be kept and archived by the editorial board. Measures to could be implemented in the event of a complaint include:

  • Interview with the author of the article, if the complaint stems from a misunderstanding of the code of ethics of the journal or the publication guidelines
  • Written notification sent to the author, providing details about the alleged breach of ethics of the publication. This notification serves as a first warning.
  • Written notification sent to the institution/organization where the author is employed
  • Publication of an editorial in the journal, informing the readers about the procedure
  • Withdrawal of the article from the journal and indexes where it might be featured
  • Ban on any new articles written by the author, duration to be determined
  • Refer to an outside organization with authority to deal with the complaint