1- Self-archiving policy

The International Journal of Economic Performance (IJEP) allows authors to deposit author's post-print (accepted version) and publisher's version/PDF in an institutional repository and non commercial subject-based repositories, publish it on an author's personal website, at any time after publication. Full bibliographic information (authors, article title, journal title, volume, issue, pages) about the original publication must be provided.

2- Archiving policy

The International Journal of Economic Performance (IJEP) aims to preserve all the published content on digital repositories. In order to follow that, the IJEP commits to submit the metadata of all its manuscripts to LOCKSS and CLOCKSS as we have recently implemented the use of the OJS (Open Journal System) this is to ensure the availability of the published scholarly content by IJEP to the community despite any accidental loss of data in its personal archival records. IJEP has further ensured that the metadata of all of its open access journals is compatible to all the well-known repository services and their digital crawlers may regularly collect it for record and preservation. Also, all published papers in the journal are archived in the Algerian Scientific Journal Platform (ASJP). Please check the Archive here. Besides.

The PKP PN Network will deposit published journal content into PKP's private LOCKSS network for preservation.
Check the PKP-PN Official Site for more details about the PKP PN and how to use it.