Greetings, dear researchers

 We are a volunteer editorial board for the IJEP Journal, and we need your help as subject-matter experts. A blind review process informs the choices, layout proof reading and editing of our publications. Two or three times a year, articles will be reviewed, with approximately two (2) articles sent to each reviewer..

1st step: the expert must register to have an account on the ASJP platform.

2nd step: the expert sends his e-mail from his ASJP account to the following e-mail address:                              

3rd: the expert receives an invitation on his ASJP account. Final step: the expert must complete the information in his ASJP account and especially his CV, establishment of attachment and scientific works ..

NB: ASJP platform is managed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Algeria, which monitors the transparency and integrity of the operation of evaluating  articles  from all affiliated  journals.